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Simplify Software

It is not rocket science but you can still launch your programming career

Learning is a matter of student's will and teacher's skill

Structured lesson plan

The learning methodology has been structured with utmost insight relying on over 20 years of industry experience


All sessions are imparted online so you could remain within the safety and comfort of your home

Thinking focus

Programming is more of breaking a problem down than putting it in language syntax, hence our focus would be on orienting the thinking towards analytical / logical reasoning skills while building on language skills in parallel

1-on-1 tutoring

The course is based on individual attention and flows at the pace of the student

Hands-on experience

Every theory / lesson has associated examples and hands-on coding / implementation

Interesting session design

Every session has been built with many learning elements pertaining to the Software world, and the philosophy behind the design ensures gaining maximum knowledge with minimum effort

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